how to remove spray paint

Using spray paint is a quick, fun way to make your tired décor appear new again. However, accidents can happen when using spray paint to complete projects, especially when the paint strays outside the intended area. When the blast of color accidentally strays outside the intended area, you will likely end up being left with stray stripes on surrounding surfaces such as your metal hardware, concrete driveway, or even your skin.

In any of these situations, water alone isn’t enough to get rid of the resulting stain unless you wipe the errant paint quickly before it dries up. However, several top-notch methods have been proved to be effective when it comes to removing spray paint quickly and easily from any surface.

How to Remove Spray Paint

When you’re using spray paint, if the paint accidentally strays beyond the required area, the sooner you will clean up the place of concern, the better. The best method to remove errant paint is usually determined by the affected surface. Bare metal, plastic, or other slick, non-painted surfaces can relatively be cleaned easily. However, handling porous surfaces like brick walls prove to be a very challenging task when it comes to cleaning the spray paint that scatters on them.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Your Skin

There are several materials and tools you require to remove spray paint from your hands or any other exposed area of the skin.

Materials and Tools Needed

  • *Pure essential oil
  • *Liquid dish soap
  • *Cloth or towel
  • *Toothbrush


To loosen oil-based spray paint that accidentally contacts your skin, wet the stained area with pure essential oil. A few drops of the oil are enough to dissolve any type of oil-based paint. Massage the oil carefully into the stained area to loosen the unwanted paint.


Rinse the area with warm water to get rid of any remaining paint particles. If necessary, re-apply the pure essential oil to the affected area of your skin and again rinse with warm water till all paint is washed away. Use a clean cloth to dab the skin until it dries up, and then wash your hands with running tap water to eliminate any lingering oil.


If it is a water-based spray paint you want to remove from the skin, all that you need to successfully get rid of it is liquid dish soap and clean running tap water. To loosen the paint, start by squeezing ¼ teaspoon of the soap over the stained area. Using circular motions, gently rub the stained area with your hands for approximately one minute.


Take a clean toothbrush and deep it inside hot tap water to make its bristles wet. Using the toothbrush, gently brush over the affected skin area covered with soap for about two minutes to scrub off the remaining paint particles. Rinse the area with warm water.

Removing Spray Paint from a Fabric

You can have an easier job of getting rid of spray stain from any fabric if you’ll start the removal process before the paint gets dry.

Materials and Tools Needed

  • *Hairspray
  • *Cloth or Towel

Step#1: Flush Excess Wet Paint

Start by putting your fabric under running tap water to flush as much of the wet paint as possible. Hold the fabric for several minutes under the running tap water till you see the water beginning to run clear.

Step#2: Use Hairspray

Apply hairspray by spraying it on the affected area. Hairspray is an alcohol-based product that will remove the paint from the fabric by breaking the bonds present in the stain instantly.

Step#3: Rub the Stain with a Clean Dry Towel or Cloth

After using a hairspray to blot the stained area, use a clean dry cloth or towel to rub the affected area until the pigmentation moves to the dry towel or cloth being used. Spray the hairspray to the stained area, or any other effective alcohol-based cleaner you have, until the same clearing is seen.

You should then wash the fabric with clean running tap water until all remaining paint residue is washed away. If any paint remains after tap washing, repeat the procedure several times until the stain is completely removed.

Wrap Up

If you do not succeed in removing the spray paint using the aforementioned tips, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from your local-based paint removal experts. Professional paint removers are experience and will use their expertise and state-of-the-art tools and equipment to undo the damage quickly and efficiently.

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